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The 70% - Shared beliefs of Evangelical Protestants and Roman Catholics

Last year I read an article that said Protestants and Catholics are in agreement on 70% of their beliefs. I’ve decided that for the next six months I am going to explore and write about the beliefs that Evangelical Protestants and Catholics have in common. I am focusing specifically on Evangelical Protestantism because I have experience in this particular fellowship. I’m in the research phase right now, but I plan to use a variety of materials and sources. I especially want to interview converts, both Catholic-to-Protestant and Protestant-to-Catholic. I will be doing a lot of reading as well, starting with the list below.

I am a cradle Catholic but from 1986-2000, I worshipped in Protestant Evangelical churches and heard many testimonies from ex-Catholics. I returned to full communion with the Catholic Church in the fall of 2000, and since that time I’ve immersed myself in the testimonies of former Protestants who converted to Catholicism. In the last few months, I have felt more and…
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Ideas welcome!

I’d be interested to know if there are any Catholic topics you’d like to read about here in my blog. I tend to love Catholic convert stories, but I realize I haven’t done much actual writing in quite a while. If there are any Catholic topics you’d like to read about, leave a comment for me or send me an email at

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Comedian Jennifer Fulwiler

If you’ve never heard of Jennifer Fulwiler, you will enjoy getting to know about her. She is a former atheist (raised atheist from birth), and a convert to Catholicism. She has a radio show on the Sirius XM Catholic channel 129. She is a standup comedian currently on tour, and she and her husband have 6 children.  She is the author of a bestselling memoir called “Something Other Than God.” She also wrote “One Beautiful Dream: The Rolicking Tale of Family Chaos,  Personal Passions, and Saying Yes to Them Both.” She and her husband live in Austin, Texas, with their six children.
Today I started reading her memoir, Something Other Than God. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.
Check out Jennifer’s conversion story on YouTube.

From Mennonites to the Catholic Church

Wow. This conversion story was definitely an eye opener. The Journey Home tv show continues to amaze me. Definitely worth watching!

Why be Catholic and not just Christian?

Former Nazarene Becomes Catholic